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The less Leya sees the more she feels with her other senses. The black ribbon on her eyes will turn into surprise everything I’m going to do with her… and with these gorgeous crystal helium balloons tied to her arms and legs. Leya will be able to touch them with me, to feel how tight these balloons are, she will hear my hands rubbing the latex and long sharp hails scratching it. She will know what’s coming but she will have no clue about exact moment when the balloon will burst in my hands. And that’s what will bring her a perfect mix of fear and excitement!

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This only about me and Leya. No person is allowed here when two girls are spending some kinky time together! And this huge inflatable Chipmunk doesn’t count as a person for sure. It’s our toy, our lounge, our bed that brings us closer to each other. The curvy shapes of this inflatables are perfect for embracing us and its tightness makes us feel each other’s movements so clearly even when our eyes are closed. And when the valves are opened me and Leya will dive into this vinyl cloud together with a great pleasure!

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When I go up and down on a big SA36 balloon its neck goes back and forth. It feels great for me but what if I apply the bulging neck to Leya’s undies? Yes, that intense rubbing would be able to bring her a very special pleasure! Looks like a new way to get my girl excited with a balloon! I want to fell it too so me and Leya are going to take turns riding and deflating 4 SA36 in that kinky way!

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This giant Doll balloon is unusual. It has an extra valve for blowing on its «lower belly». Quite a suggestive location! And when Leya is on this balloon and touching this valve with her lips the term «blow job» becomes pretty literal;) But this job is for two — we are going to blow this kinky Doll to its limit, have it nice and tight and make it burst!

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Leya looks peaceful laying on a right Doll balloon. That’s not how the things should go. I saddle her so she can’t get away and put a balloon on her back. How she’s squeezed between the balloon she lies on and the one I’m pressing hard to her. Leya doesn’t see but can clearly hear my finger squeezing the latex to burst that loon on her! Boom! One is gone, five more are coming for even more intense squeezing Leya into latex… and yes, her Doll will be my final victim!

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I love your shirt Leya! It looks spacy enough for a big balloon I’m going to place there! Of course the balloon will be small and flat first but then I put it under your shirt and attach the pump… and we both will see how it expands, becomes huge and swollen, how much it stretches your shirt… and how loud it bursts to million shreds! Which one of four do you like the most? It’d doesn’t matter because you will taste them all!

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Leya just wants to inflate a couple beach balls. But I notice it and that gives me a kinky idea how we could play together. I will make her bounce on the beachball while it is inflating! And I won’t switch off the pump;) Yes, the beachball will burst under her and that’s the most exciting part of my plan! We will do it with two classic 24'' beachballs on one big 42'' transparent polka dot one. That would be a perfect burst!

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The entire room is filled with huge tight balloons just for me and Leya. I want her to feel how perfect these GL’s and Dolls are for two of us. They can endure the hottest riding and furious bending but they can do nothing with my excitement and willing to indulge Leya with some massive bursts under her!

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