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Everything about my inflatable dragon lounge is perfect. Huge, tight, bouncy and feels amazing under me. The only thing that bothers me are the dragon’s wings that don’t let me see you. So when I pierced my toy with a big pin for the first time the wings were my only target. But this poking sound and silent hissing are so pleasant… so exciting… so arousing… Let’s be honest — once I poked my toy for the first time it was already doomed to be pierced as many times as it was possible!

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Sexy curves of the tight shaped balloons on my bed make me think that they are complementary to my own curves… or at least to my kinky willing to touch and squeeze them! Tied to the bed these loons won’t escape my passion and shouldn’t be afraid of it — no matter how hot it will be here in my bed I’m still willing to keep my tight latex toys safe and sound… just a bit seduced!

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The fireworks in the sky give me a good tip how to make this evening a bit more… loud;) All I need is a bunch of cute balloons, my favorite pump and someone who would watch me pumping these balloons much bigger than they are designed to be! 24 inch you say? I bet this loon will hit 36+ before the epic burst!

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Lying on tight balloons is relaxing and arousing at the same time. But the balloons always to slip away so I caught them all in a big pink nylon stocking to make a perfect lounge for me to relax in front of a fireplace. The only thing I was unable to foresee is that the excitement would take over and my desire to burst some balloons under me would be so strong… and now the pin in my fingers is already scratching the tight latex under the nylon!

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It’s not a regular beachball. This one is made specially for me — I love sitting on them so I need a super soft and squishy one! And of course it should be big enough because I’m only into big toys;) So this awesome rubberized beachball is just perfect for me — big and soft, it embraces me when I lay on it and feels so elastic and bouncy when I ride it hard! I feel it becomes hotter under we with every second… I guess I should let the air out or I would melt this toy with my passion;)

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Do you love my feet? And do you know that my feet love balloons too? :) Time to indulge them with some latex! Soft 24'' and 36'' are just perfect delicacy for my soles and toes. I can slowly dive my left foot into balloon, go right through it, touch the floor… and then do the same with my right foot! Now my feet are surrounded with the tight latex and it feels amazing! But I know that the balloon won’t last long when it’s squeezed to hard… and I don’t mind seeing it bursts under me!

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I love when you watch me blowing huge balloon to pop! Thas bust is like a perfect orgasm… but I’m too impatient to just wait for it. I’m still ready to blow my gorgeous RCR balloon to burst for you but I still desire to see and feel big balloons popping right now! So all these gorgeous balloons around me will help me to feed my lust for popping and be able to keep blowing. Yes, all these loons are for my and your pleasure only! And even if the first balloon would pop too fast to bring me the satisfaction I still have a second one that wouldn’t fail us;)

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