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First day on my own in my masters’ house. They are away till next week and I have so many things to do here. Laundry, cleaning, vacuuming, ironing… I need a little break, to sit down, relax and marvel on this lovely balloon decoration. These floating loons are so nice! Too bad I was told to get rid of them… Well I could do it fast but…why wouldn’t I try something different while no one sees? I could give a regard to these loons if I pop them it a more… intimate way. Like sitting and bouncing on them will burst! Mmm, I love this idea… Hope there is no candid cam in this place!

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I asked Ava, my masters’ daughter, to help me and blow up some balloons. She did it but, of course, in a lazy way. The balloons are too small and too soft! I could fix it by myself but it would be better if she learns to complete the tasks properly. So I told her to untie the balloons and blow them more. And while she was blowing I decided not to tell Ava where to stop. BOOOM — the balloon bursts to shreds! Ava doesn’t look scared at all, it seems like she loved that! So I decide to join her and blow more balloons to the limit… even I secret huge one I found under the pillow!

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I was making up a master’s bed when I saw a weird cable jutting out from under the blanket. I pulled the blanket and saw a bunch of balloons and an electric pump that were carelessly hidden there. That’s amusing… I love someone else’s kinky secrets! But what are they all for? My guts tell me that it’s somehow related to bed fun… maybe if I try one of these balloons I could know that better? Like inflating it tight under me! Oh it’s crazy but… why not? But I need to be careful not to damage master’s balloons!

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I told Ava to clean her room from balloons an hour ago and I have a feeling that nothing is done there. I found this disobedient girl hiding under the blanket in her pink nylon sleeping bag. And of course balloons are still there! That pisses me off! I should give her a lesson — I will fill stuff her sleeping bag with these balloons and pop them all right on her!

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Damn it! I’ve nearly finished decorating the bedroom with inflatable toys and beach balls. There was one last beach ball left to inflate when my electric pump started acting up. Oh you must be kidding! Okay, it won’t stop me from finishing my work. I still have a pair of lungs, determination… and a kinky mood!

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Seems like Ava is not afraid of loud noises…and huge balloons! Moreover – I bet that they are as arousing for her as for me! I know a good way to check it – a bunch of very big balloons and a pump! We will blow these giant loons till burst under each other and see how it will feel. And I know for sure that it will be amazing!

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The party was great! Not it’s my turn to do my job — to clean the room and deflate all the toys. Luckily Ava agreed to help me. No wonder though — she has a certain attachment to inflatables so she couldn’t miss a chance to interact with such a huge pile of them! Six 48'' beachballs, one 72'' ball, shiny black Horse and huge Rocking Skunk! Oh well it’s too exciting for a cleaning routine!

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After me and Ava knew each other better I told her a secret about my naughty balloon games in the kitchen. I felt like she would be curious about I but I haven’t thought that she would be so enthusiastic to try that! She brought a bag of awesome big balloon, inflated them… and we start playing! I see that she is as passionate for it as me! And with every burst our game becomes more and more seductive…

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I pump to pop seven various balloons with electric pump.

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We test Roomtex 14'' balloons and pump them to pop with a hand pump. Huge necks, loud bursts — quality test is passed!

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