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The shiny black horse suffers of severe air deficiency. It was a great luck to find a proper donor for this toy! The matte brown horse is big, tight and willing to share it’s precious air with the black recipient. All I need to do is to connect their valves with a hose and add some extra pressure on a brown toy — and in the same second the black horse starts to expand!

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Today we are going to learn something about the air circulation between two connected GL800 balloons. When me and Leya bounce on one of them the air is squeezed to the second loon and it expands lifting Ava up! Try again and get the same result. And yes, we will do it several times because the side effects like diving into latex and altering balloon softness and quite pleasant;)

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Some visitors leave too many balloons. And when the patient goes home I need to clean up the ward. And dealing with balloons is the best part of it;) When I’m alone I can indulge myself with some slow naughty popping — with my high heels or a sharp syringe needle. Oh yes, it is going to be loud!

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Huge crystal yellow Frankenloon with two valves. So big, so attractive, so intriguing… and so doomed! Me and Ava are going to find out how much air do we need to blow into it to make this loon burst! And Leya will do a countdown for us blowing to pop clear 17'' balloons with numbers on them.

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Tight balloons may feel too stiff. I’m going to make it smoother with some special massage techniques and latex friendly lubricant. But the more I cover the balloon and myself with the oil the more I lose focus… rubbing myself over huge oiled balloon is way too arousing to resist!

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Everything is set for a special procedure that Ava is going to undergo. Me and Leya are going to carry out some extreme breast and belly expansion. Our only aim is to provide Ava with the balloon boobs and belly as huge as they could be! And the only way to know that limit is to cross it… with some huge bursts!

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The nurse’s duty is stressful. Our therapist suggested us a special group therapy to release the stress to keep positive attitude. Me, Ava and Leya go to a room with big balloons, sit on them and bounce on them as hard as we can so the balloons burst under us! First it was quite unusual activity but now we just can’t wait for a new session of our kinky group therapy;) Today we have 4 sets of balloons — gorgeous Qualatex 24''s, soft Bralizian 25''s, necky South American 36''s and bouncy GL500s. Let’s begin girls! ;)

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Even the regular procedures may turn my mind on a kinky way! Especially when there’re two naughty colleagues that are willing to have some fun too. That’s why the regular inflation of a big brown horse turns into a long sexy, passionate and seductive ride… that was just too exciting to stop it before the overinflated toy rip pops under us! Poor one!

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Today my new nurse visits me for the first time. I’ve never thought that balloons that my friends brought me yesterday would excite her so much! It was such unusual to see her touching them in a passionate way… unusual and weirdly pleasing. So when she hugged one balloon too hard so it suddenly popped in her arms I allowed her to take another one just to see what would happen next. Oh that was the best decision ever — that popping show worth all balloons in the world!

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Ava and Leya open a valve under my horse and on each other’s donut swimming rings. Let’s squeeze all the air out!

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We have helium balloons, take turns in inhaling helium, speaking funny voices and laughing XD

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