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My hen party is on! Ava and Lilu prepared me an awesome surprise — a couple of huge inflatable dragons! Boy and girl, groom and bride — a perfect decoration for our kinky party! These toys are soo huge and tight that they can easily accommodate us all at once! Hop on ladies, it’s time for a crazy dragon ride!

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Me and my girls relax in my bedroom. I found some condoms in my groom’s table and wow they are XXL! Someone is lucky here;) Now I’m going to see how huge these condoms are and inflate one by mouth. It becomes bigger and bigger with every blow trying to slip away from my fingers… but I keep blowing till it burst! Wow that was one huge condom balloon. Could my girls blow it even bigger? Let’s see, they are eager to try!

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Yes, I have a perfect dress for my wedding. But what if the party goes crazy and kinky? I need a backup dress and I have a perfect one for that! It is made of 72'' balloon and it is super tight… until it’s inflated on me! My girls are ready to help me with fitting and trying it!

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The word of a bride is a law on a hen party! My girls are happy to indulge me and they know what I want right now. My desire is to pop balloons around me and I have a pair of sharp heels for that! Come on girls, bring me the balloons, put them under my heels and don’t let them escape!

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All my ex-boyfriends were awful. My hen party is a perfect time to recall them all and do a ritual of revenge for all my hurt feelings! I will blow their inflated ego and make it burst to shreds! Five exes, five signed huge balloons, one pump. Three hot girls are going to hump you for the last time, losers! And your bursts will please us a lot!

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I’m checking the guests seating. The list looks correct and the balloons on the guests’ places look great too. Especially this pink zeppelin on my groom’s place… so sexy and tight. It attracts me way too much to resist… I guess the will be no harm if I cuddle it a little bit… mmm maybe some more, a bit harder, right between my hips… boom! Oh damn seems like I went too far here… but it feels so arousing and satisfying… Maybe other guests could please me too? Come on, I’m still not married, aren’t you willing to play with a bride? ;) And how long are you able to satisfy me before you burst?

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I feel nervous before the wedding ceremony and struggling to remember the lines of my wedding vow. I try to stay focused but all these balloons around me are so distracting… even when I don’t look at them my hands are still willing to grab the balloon and pull it closer to me. But my sharp nails are not okay with that and I suddenly burst one balloon with them! Surprisingly I brings me a desired relief… my favorite thing helps me to escape the stress. So why won’t I do it again? There are three big bunches of helium balloons around me, my nails are sharp and I’m ready to go! So I’m going to spend next minutes with a kinky pleasure of popping balloons and this is the only thing I desire now!

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Ceremony is over, all guests have left the place and we’re alone now in our bedroom. There are so many balloons on our bed that there is literally no place for us two. Let me fix. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. Relax and watch me dealing with these huge transparent balloons. They love me touching them as much as you do. I can be tender or rough, shy or naughty — it’s just a game. But the touch of latex is real and I won’t miss a chance to dive into balloon as it deflates in my hands… leaving a space for us.

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Me and my girls Ava and Lilu deflate two huge inflatable Dragons. First one has double valves so it deflates fast. The second ones have many chambers with regular valves so it will take more time to make it flat. But we don’t mind:)

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I sit on a table and do a slow and sensual blow to pop of the crystal blue Tuftex 17''

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