room #20

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No one can shine brighter than me. The others are only allowed to humbly bring the balloons for my heels while I admire my outstanding beauty and supremacy over these pathetic pieces of latex that can do nothing against my deadly heels.

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These bitches somehow managed to get two impressive bunches of big helium filled balloons. And I have only one balloon that is filled with shitty air.
Well it’s time to give a lesson to this shameless couple that no one is allowed to own more balloons than me!

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I can feel the fear of those beach balls as I approach them with an obvious intention to burst every one of them. This fear makes them soft and weak. But some big balls still decide to oppose me and try to resist my fury. Too bad for them.

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Nothing matters when I lay on a big soft zeppelin balloon in a lacy bodystocking. Only me, touch of latex and nylon and nothing more. And when my girls unclip my balloon it just makes me immerse dipper into the blimp…

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I’m not a kind of person who can be satisfied with a single balloon. Noi matter how perfect is it — I desire more and more. And I will take what is mine! Round ones, zeppelins, curved and shaped? Make them double — they won’t last long in my greedy embrace!

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The image of expanding balloons pleases me. I love seeing how big and curvy it becomes with every breath… yeah girls keep on feeding this giant latex clown with air right from your lips! Make it huge while I’m humping on it and feeding it with a whipped cream… that will make a huge splash when this overinflated giant finally bursts!

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No path of righteous man can bring you here.
This house, this room, this bed is a land of lust so mind your soul before you even dare to have a look.
To be saved or to watch me and my girls popping huge big tight balloons between our hot bodies in the most passionate yet merciless ways?
Choose carefully, there will be no turning back.

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Watch Ava’s sexy butt covered with black nylons smashing balloons on a glass table from the most interesting angle.

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Mariette spends time in sauna with an orange cloudbuster. It’s flat now but the pump keeps on inflating it bigger and bigger… it’s definitely not enough space for two!

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