room #17

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It’s one of Birthday presents I’ve asked about — to be caged in a huge clear balloon while it is pumped to pop! And before the burst I have enough time to blow some 12'' balloons by mouth so me and my girls could pop them too when I break free!

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It’s spring in the city so we enjoy the sun on the terrace with a glass of sparkling wine and a cigarette. My bunch of helium balloons is so voluminous that I’m nearly gone with the wind! So we need to reduce it a bit and Mariette’s cigarette is a right tool for it. Of course we won’t be able to stop till all balloons are gone!
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It’s a game for the kinky girls — when music plays, you have a seat and blow a clear long necked balloon. But the music never stops neither do you. And if you run out of breath I will help you to make a huge burst!

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I see you in the club, take you hand and grab to the private room with glowing ultraviolet lights and balloons. I’m going to make you feel tight latex bursting between you and me.

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We took a break and relax in a chillout zone chatting and drinking champagne. Our lounge looks very amusing — it’s a TTR Naughty Pony in purple, so curvy and bouncy! We can’t resist the allure of humping it, squeezing it’s juicy boobs and even opening the valves to make it flat.

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Our Final Fate balloon design implies that we know numerous ways to burst balloons. However, it’s not the only way — slow and sexy deflation is definitely a thing too! That’s why we unclip there two tight beauties and let the air out squeezing it with our bodies.

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We took a break and relax in a chillout zone chatting and drinking champagne when we realize that our inflatable lounge is broken! One leg of the inflatable toy we are sitting on lost all the air! We tried to call a waiter to replace our lounge but he ignored us. So we decided to teach him a lesson and totally ruin this inflatable with our heels and teeth.

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Party up in here! Three girls, dancing, music and a lot of balloons all around! You’d better not even blink because we’re going to bust them all, one by one, small and big, the ones that lay on a floor and the ones that are under the ceiling!

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Laying on a second level of the two-level bed, me and Rita watching Mariette enjoying the huge meteorological balloon attached to electric pump. The loon slowly grows and presses her to the bed, it becomes enormous before it finally bursts!

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Three girls blowing one balloon at the same time? Yes, it’s possible if you have a balloon with three nozzles… and three girls eager to blow it to pop!

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Three girls, nine balloons and a couch to burst them on. Pure fun! Three, two, one, GO!

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