room #16

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I came home and found out that my lovely roommate Mariette had prepared a special Easter surprise for me. She knew about my kinky love for inflatables so she blew up an awesome huge rabbit so we could enjoy some rubbing and bouncing on it… together! Of course I couldn’t resist!

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We always treat our guest with the best we have. So when Rita visited us we offered her a place on a huge zeppelin and a soft custom made balloon to blow while me and Mariette were blowing balloons too. It was an awesome blow to pop session — Rita’s balloon popped first, my one got really big and bursted into shreds later making Mariette’s balloon slip away from her ☺ We caught it and blew it to pop together.

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Reading requires silence. Balloons requires gentle handling. Mariette managed to break both rules at once and has to be punished right now!

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We are in bed but still willing to spice up the boring evening. I know that Mariette is eager for tight latex and intimate contact with it… so I have a special custom-made zeppelin balloon for her. We will blow it under her shirt, watching it growing and becoming so swollen and tight… until it burst!

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It’s time to sleep but we can’t — the strong scent of latex coming from balloons in our bedroom excites us way too much and turns the thinking to the naughty way. The only option is to deflate all these loons while feeding our lust for them.

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The joy of humping balloons could be spiced by threat of popping. And how does it feel to jump on big balloon with your friend while mighty pump is taking this loon to the limit? That’s what Matiette and Rita are going to try right now! I have a clear Giant Doll and crystal blue GL1200 that are just perfect for two!
Each burst comes with replay from second cam and slo-mo cam.

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We had awesome time with Rita but it’s time to see her off. But we still have a lot of awesome big balloons and two kinky girls who are eager to play some naughty games with them instead of boring cleanup. These loons are doomed anyway — why don’t we make it in a sexy way?

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