room #13

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Runtime: 86 minutes
$99.99 (91.64) $66.99 (61.40)

When blowing to pop one balloon is not a challenge anymore Oxana blows to pop 22'' balloon inside 36'' one and enjoy the double burst with confetti fireworks in the end!

Runtime: 7 minutes
$9.99 (9.16) $6.69 (6.13)

A sweet couple of MM’s branded beachballs was relaxing on the golden inflatable lounge when I came to squeeze all the air out of them all! For the Christmas sake, of course ☺

Runtime: 20.5 minutes
$22.99 (21.07) $15.40 (14.11)

I love snow but I love balloons way more ☺ That’s why my huge snowball is made of balloons! All these Christmas lights around me play on their tight surfaces and welcome me to dip my nails, teeth and heels right into them…

Runtime: 9.5 minutes
$13.99 (12.82) $9.37 (8.59)

Is it good time for balloon to lay on the inflatable lounge or even on the bed? Mmm… I guess so but only until I jump on it! Even though some of them are able to endure some abuse I will end this session surrounded with the latex shreds!

Runtime: 11 minutes
$15.99 (14.66) $10.71 (9.82)

I invited Sharon to help me to decorate my room. She doesn’t know that I could be in a mischievous mood and going to threaten her with some loud pops!

Runtime: 7 minutes
$9.99 (9.16) $6.69 (6.13)

It was naive to hope that this clear zeppelin would survive that hot double bouncing and wouldn’t «melt» under us ☺ The 18’‘ balloons that was inside that zeppelin would share that fate too!

Runtime: 4.5 minutes
$7.99 (7.32) $5.35 (4.90)

My lovely Sharon made me the best Christmas present ever — she set the awesome balloon Christmas tree and filled the room with huge balloons. Moreover — she lets me to pop them all! Absolutely irresistible invitation that I’m happy to share with her!

Runtime: 17 minutes
$24.99 (22.90) $16.74 (15.34)