oversized room

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We love beachballs regardless to their size! But it’s true — the excitement grows every time when me and Rita finish riding and deflating one beachball and go for a bigger one;) Starting from classic 24'' one as a warmup we go for big 36'' Intex ball. When it’s flat we run to the huge 72'' beachball — Rita manages to climb on it and stay on top till it is fully deflated! And the next one… is ENORMOUS 10ft ball! Omg it’s so huge! We open the valve and squeeze it as hard as we can until we can finally dive into it!

Oh… did I mention that each ball is accompanied with a proper swimming ring? ;)

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When you take 60'' balloon you know that it’s big. But we had no clue how huge it could become! So it’s time to know that;) We attach a pump and turn it on! The balloon is growing, growing, growing… larger and larger! It becomes so freaking tight and huge that even the 72'' Room balloon looks tiny compared to that! And finally… BOOOM!!! An epic burst that nearly breaks the windows! Wow that was the mightiest pumping to pop we’ve ever did!

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I’m a bad swimmer. I want to feel safe on water so I blow up a couple of lovely blue floaties and nice large swimming ring. But it is still not enough! I have some special items that could make me feel confident. It’s a pair of Extra Large armbands and an enormous swimming ring! I will let the pump inflate the ring on me while I blow the armbands with mouth. Yeah now it’s perfect!

@400p: 369 Mb, @720p: 703 Mb, @1080p: 1369 Mb, Runtime: 15.5 minutes
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Come on Rita, we have a job to do! These huge balloons need our naughty attention and I’m not going to make them wait! Open the clips and ride them while the air is coming out! And yes, don’t forget about that giant 72'' Oversized Room balloon too, I want to feel it all over my body!

@400p: 298 Mb, @720p: 567 Mb, @1080p: 1105 Mb, Runtime: 12.5 minutes
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Crystal blue whale is super cute but too small for two girls! Black Intex whale suits us well — me and Rita can ride it together and feel excited! But 3-meter shiny black one is even more awesome — so huge, so bouncy, it feels perfect between our hips as we bounce it hard so close to each other! And it’s not the last one — the enormous 5-meter shiny blue whale that barely fits the room is eager to be saddled and passionately ridden by two hot girls who just have a kink for big toys;)

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These balloons are huge. These balloons are tight. They look so big and robust. But it’s still an overinflated latex! And my nails are sharp enough to teach them a lesson that the loons shouldn’t be so confident about their safety around me!

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I love the feeling of being inside huge climb-in balloon! It makes me feel super joyful and naughty! The pump keeps inflating the balloon so I want to make some loud bangs right inside my balloon! I have a pack of custom printed Uniques 16'' and they are just perfect to fill my giant balloon with tiny latex shreds;) Ten balloons will be pumped to pop in my hands till I feel satisfied enough to finally get out of my sexy shelter with a loud burst!

@400p: 447 Mb, @720p: 850 Mb, @1080p: 1657 Mb, Runtime: 18.5 minutes
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