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My stepmom busted me with my toys… again. She always had a bad attitude to this stuff and this time was a straw that broke the camel’s back. She took the scissors and promised end it here and now.

Not sure what it was like… A terrible act of cruelty under a mask of some kind of twisted help. She looked into my eyes saying «don’t be afraid», «it’s okay» while she was destroying my favorite toys in front of me. I was rooted to spot unable to say anything… and even when she put the scissors in my hand to pierce my most beloved Balloon Dog I had no will to object.

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Worst way to wake me up EVER. My stepsister kick opened the door and accused me of keeping balloons under my bed regardless of stepmom’s prohibition. I have no idea how she found my stash… Moreover, my asshole stepsister haven’t missed a chance to bully me in a most cruel way. She brought a vacuum cleaner and started to pump my balloons in front of me till they burst! Shit, have you ever been pushed to the corner with a huge balloon while a pump is inflating it to pop? It is scary af! I tried to run away but she didn’t let me to do that and kept having fun of me while I tried to hide from those terrible explosions close to my face…

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I haven’t intended to reveal my fetish on a first Tinder date. Everything was going good, she was hot, a bit drunk and was already sitting on my bed. Honestly I haven’t expected the things to go that well so didn’t do a cleanup and left a huge bunch of my favorite balloons in my bedroom. Too bad.

Somehow she recognized the Balloons United logo and recalled a TV show about looners… she treated them as freaks for being attached to «rubber bags with air» and being afraid of popping. I could handle that but then she popped one of balloons with a pin and I failed to hide my inherent fear of popping. And she noticed that! She recognized a looner in me, called me a freak…and popped ALL my balloons before leaving me with a pile of latex shreds and devastating frustration.

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It was the fifth visit to my therapist. My progress was pretty decent; my balloon fear was already quite manageable. She saw it too and decided to do a next step — to make me stay near a big balloon. I thought it would be quite enough for one visit but the therapist went further — she started to squeeze the balloon and ever sit on it in her attempt to prove that not all balloons pop.

Her intentions were good but after getting over my phobic reactions I felt something different… something that made me feel embarrassed. This «something» made me abandon all my manners and peep what was going to happen with balloons when my visit is over… oh my god, she kept on riding those huge loons! She did it so sensual that I was unable to stop staring… but she noticed me and got mad. Oh god I think my next visit will be canceled.

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My wife is aware about my fetish. She is okay with that though she has never tried to understand it. I have asked her to play with balloons for me million times and she finally agreed! I guess she regretted about it later but she promised me to try so that’s why she is sitting in front of me dressed in sexy outfit in a room full of best balloons. I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long… but her face says that all this idea was quite stupid. I’m not sure if she even remembers anything about what I’ve asked her to do with balloons…

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