christmas room

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File size: 4.6 Gb, Count: 110 frames, Runtime: 52 minutes
$64.99 $43.54

Zebra as a Christmas mascot? Why not? Especially when it is tenderly inflated with my red lips, covered with drawings with my hands and naughtily deflated with my body.

File size: 2.16 Gb, Runtime: 25 minutes
$29.99 $20.09

See the green and red balloons around the couch? I’m going to squeeze the necks out of them. Don’t blame me if I do it too hard — I’m too passionate about huge balloon necks. And the biggest ones are just before the burst!

File size: 1.22 Gb, Runtime: 14 minutes
$19.99 $13.39

There’s no party without decorations. The best decoration is balloons. The best balloons are the ones with TTR print. The best TTR balloons are filled with helium with my own hands. So the big bunch of tight helium TTR balloons with big necks are the best ever!

File size: 0.76 Gb, Runtime: 9 minutes
$12.99 $8.70

Glowing lights on the Christmas tree reflect in numerous tight balloons around me. I will bring more light to this room with a bright sparklers. But they could be so deadly for the big bunch of helium balloons near me…

File size: 0.39 Gb, Runtime: 4 minutes
$5.99 $4.01