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Being a student of Looner Academy is about being ready for new challenges every moment. Like this time when I called Lilu and told her to stand on the balloon with both feet to pop it. This was new to her but she’s one of my best students so far and always eager to learn more from me. Of course she needed some tutoring but after several demonstrations she did really well!

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How deep can I dip my feet into soft black balloon until it bursts? I don’t know. But I’m willing to figure it out. And repeat this test 17 times with balloons from 14’’ to 24’’ just to be sure.

Runtime: 13 minutes
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You love my feet. Honey I know that well. The way I dip my toes into the latex drives you crazy. And your excitement grows with every push when I nearly step on a floor right through this beautiful balloon… it just can’t handle this for that long. But when the poor loon bursts under my feet I take another one…

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Those crystal red 14'' balloons were so soft that I could touch the floor with my foot right through them! Or at least dip it well into the latex so you could feel all that tension right before the burst…

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Do you love my feet? And do you know that my feet love balloons too? :) Time to indulge them with some latex! Soft 24'' and 36'' are just perfect delicacy for my soles and toes. I can slowly dive my left foot into balloon, go right through it, touch the floor… and then do the same with my right foot! Now my feet are surrounded with the tight latex and it feels amazing! But I know that the balloon won’t last long when it’s squeezed to hard… and I don’t mind seeing it bursts under me!

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Who could imagine that these three cuties could be so mean to all those balloons? Well I’m sure you’re aware about that. Our sexy feet in nylon tights and stockings squeeze balloons with ease and can reach the floor right through them before the balloon pops. And we don’t mind teasing one balloon together so it could feel three feet stomping it harder and harder with every second!

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Ava enjoys the summer sun with a big bunch of tight purple and clear balloons and she is not going to bring them back home! She puts balloons on a blanket and dives her foot in them. The balloon squeaks and bends under her foot… and pops! Ava loves that and keep popping balloons with her feet until the entire bunch turns into a pile of latex shreds!

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Bare feet are going to squeeze, neck and finally burst balloons on the floor in front of the mirror! Balloons won’t give up that easy but all eight of them will end as latex shreds on the floor!

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It’s not easy to keep balance standing on a balloon with both feet is nylon stockings! Unless if you have someone to hold you:) Ava and Leya take turns in standing on the balloons holding each other while the loons are bending under their feet and burst!

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Mariette is still unaware how pleasant dipping the bare feet into soft latex could be. Luckily it’s a Playground and I have enough balloons to try!

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She got so many requests to do other barefoot stomping clips — how could we resist? :) Sharon pops a bunch of 12'' balloons with her cute naked feet. Some balloons pops spontaneously but most of them bust under the pressure of Sharon’s soles and toes.

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Some could say these 16'' balloons are too strong for petite girl to pop them with her feet. Maybe you’re right so Sharon put on a pair of heavy leather boots to do this. And even under this insane pressure these 8 balloons show how tough they are!

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Sharon has a bunch of 5 colorful 22'' balloons. She lies on the bed and slowly dips her feet into these soft balloons squeezing them to the head of the bed until they burst!

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