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The nurse’s duty is stressful. Our therapist suggested us a special group therapy to release the stress to keep positive attitude. Me, Ava and Leya go to a room with big balloons, sit on them and bounce on them as hard as we can so the balloons burst under us! First it was quite unusual activity but now we just can’t wait for a new session of our kinky group therapy;) Today we have 4 sets of balloons — gorgeous Qualatex 24''s, soft Bralizian 25''s, necky South American 36''s and bouncy GL500s. Let’s begin girls! ;)

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I love when you watch me blowing huge balloon to pop! Thas bust is like a perfect orgasm… but I’m too impatient to just wait for it. I’m still ready to blow my gorgeous RCR balloon to burst for you but I still desire to see and feel big balloons popping right now! So all these gorgeous balloons around me will help me to feed my lust for popping and be able to keep blowing. Yes, all these loons are for my and your pleasure only! And even if the first balloon would pop too fast to bring me the satisfaction I still have a second one that wouldn’t fail us;)

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Leya just wants to inflate a couple beach balls. But I notice it and that gives me a kinky idea how we could play together. I will make her bounce on the beachball while it is inflating! And I won’t switch off the pump;) Yes, the beachball will burst under her and that’s the most exciting part of my plan! We will do it with two classic 24'' beachballs on one big 42'' transparent polka dot one. That would be a perfect burst!

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The balloons are caged in GL1200 and have no chance to escape! At least I thought so when I was deflating GL1200 with an intention to sitpop all those Uniques 14'' inside it. But GL1200 ripped and let the balloons out! But it didn’t help them — I caught and sitpopped them all! Btw this Extra has a trailer so check it out!

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Even though our work is mostly play I prefer to indulge by best students with some pure unconditional fun from time to time. Lilu deserved it and she had a right for some kinky madness as a reward! I filled some big balloons with confetti and we were pumping them under us to enjoy massive and festive bursts. I must confess that was very exciting even for me, not mentioning Lilu!

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I’m on my popping spree and still have a lot of balloons to play with! Two huge helium bunches made of 36'', 24'' and 14'' balloons are nothing against my willing to make them burst under me, my heels and my nails! The rest 12'' balloons on the floor will be heelpopped rapidly. The only survivor — GL1200 Room 7 — will be deflated and taken away to my collection as a reminder of this epic action.

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Party up in here! Three girls, dancing, music and a lot of balloons all around! You’d better not even blink because we’re going to bust them all, one by one, small and big, the ones that lay on a floor and the ones that are under the ceiling!

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Well what could I expect after that video call? Of course the ONE FUCKING HUGE BALLOON POPPING LESSON! I guess she had enough fun watching me frightened and now she wanted to involve me into her kinky games.
Even after all that madness she did with balloons during the last weeks this one looks outstanding… She squeezed big balloons to pop fearlessly, she jumped on them, bounced them hard… and they turn to shreds with the massive burst! So many huge balloons, and she popped all of them! I see how much she enjoyed it and made a decision — I should finally overcome my fear and accept this part of her life. Maybe one day we could do it together.

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Watch Ava’s sexy butt covered with black nylons smashing balloons on a glass table from the most interesting angle.

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Another project is successfully finished and Tactile Triggers Revision Department team gathers to celebrate it with a glass of wine and to share the emotions about it. Talking about acquired balloon handling skills quickly turns intro demonstration (the testing site 1 is still full of balloons), demonstration turns to show-off and the show-off turns into crazy popping fun! Go girls, we worked so hard and we deserved it!

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I deal with deflated GL1200 with 18’’ balloons trapped inside it. After some intense bouncing the latex cage rips and lets all trapped balloons out. But it won’t help them — I will sitpop them all!

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After me and Ava knew each other better I told her a secret about my naughty balloon games in the kitchen. I felt like she would be curious about I but I haven’t thought that she would be so enthusiastic to try that! She brought a bag of awesome big balloon, inflated them… and we start playing! I see that she is as passionate for it as me! And with every burst our game becomes more and more seductive…

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