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It’s 90s here and want to pop something BIG! Luckily (for me, not for toy lol) I have one of my huge inflatable Balloon Dog nearby. So I will use my high heels and sharp stick to make it flat.

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My stepmom busted me with my toys… again. She always had a bad attitude to this stuff and this time was a straw that broke the camel’s back. She took the scissors and promised end it here and now.

Not sure what it was like… A terrible act of cruelty under a mask of some kind of twisted help. She looked into my eyes saying «don’t be afraid», «it’s okay» while she was destroying my favorite toys in front of me. I was rooted to spot unable to say anything… and even when she put the scissors in my hand to pierce my most beloved Balloon Dog I had no will to object.

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Everything about my inflatable dragon lounge is perfect. Huge, tight, bouncy and feels amazing under me. The only thing that bothers me are the dragon’s wings that don’t let me see you. So when I pierced my toy with a big pin for the first time the wings were my only target. But this poking sound and silent hissing are so pleasant… so exciting… so arousing… Let’s be honest — once I poked my toy for the first time it was already doomed to be pierced as many times as it was possible!

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As sweet as it could be! Cosette is trapped in a huge inflatable Squeezer. I need to make a big way to my lovely playmate to reach her. I could just open the valves and let the air out but it sounds way too boring. I’d prefer to stay on top of the giant inflatable, lick my delicious lollipop and pierce the tight vinyl under me with the sharp stick of my candy… and watch Cosette getting closer and closer to me as the toy is losing air.

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You regain consciousness in the dark laying binded, duct-taped and cuffed to the bed. No chance to escape. The silent but terrifying sounds come from nowhere and become louder and louder scaring you. The dim lights catch the person with balloons approaching to you… A flash blinds you for a second and you see a clown girl. In spite of her sex appeal you see the sparkles of insanity in her eyes. She knows about your fear of balloons. She prepared a wicked torture for you. She will make balloons burst right in your face freaking you out.

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Sharp and shiny steel pin can burst dozen balloons in a second… but it’s so tasteless. I wanna feel your heart racing every time I scratch the latex with my needle, every time I rise my hand to pierce the balloon… again and again!

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One swimming ring can help you to float. Six big swimming rings can bring even more fun! I trapped Mariette in them but she doesn’t mind at all. I will let her out when all the tubes are mercilessly popped with the sharp wooden sticks.

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I haven’t intended to reveal my fetish on a first Tinder date. Everything was going good, she was hot, a bit drunk and was already sitting on my bed. Honestly I haven’t expected the things to go that well so didn’t do a cleanup and left a huge bunch of my favorite balloons in my bedroom. Too bad.

Somehow she recognized the Balloons United logo and recalled a TV show about looners… she treated them as freaks for being attached to «rubber bags with air» and being afraid of popping. I could handle that but then she popped one of balloons with a pin and I failed to hide my inherent fear of popping. And she noticed that! She recognized a looner in me, called me a freak…and popped ALL my balloons before leaving me with a pile of latex shreds and devastating frustration.

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Some visitors leave too many balloons. And when the patient goes home I need to clean up the ward. And dealing with balloons is the best part of it;) When I’m alone I can indulge myself with some slow naughty popping — with my high heels or a sharp syringe needle. Oh yes, it is going to be loud!

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Harley Quinn called Punchline for a fight. Punchline arrives at the location but there’s no Harley there, only a dressed doll and big beach balls. Punchline is mad feeling tricked again and she turns her knifes and fury to a popping frenzy.

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Sharon looks surprised! Seems like she didn’t expect to see so many big mylar balloons in my room! Don’t worry sweetheart, we’re going to fix that. Take a paper knife and help me to get rid of some of these gorgeous loons!

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Do you recognize this clicking? It’s a sound of scissors, one of the most horrific things any inflatable could hear. Don’t fall for my playful smile — I have no mercy today. It will take me just one second to cut any toy to pieces and take its valve as a trophy. A pile of shredded vinyl is all what’s left.

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24 balloons are caged in their cells and have no chance to escape from me. I’m coming for them with the sharp cocktail stick and some nasty intentions. Let’s see how deep can I dip my weapon into the tight latex before it bursts into shreds…

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I see my little show made you blush. You try to hide your excitement but you know you’re bad at it. Moreover, the people in the bar look at me now instead of watching the band playing live on the stage. I guess the show must go on then ☺ There’re still enough balloons around me. Toothpicks, fire, fingers, heels, sitpopping — this bar will owe me a free beer next time!

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I knew that those distant sounds were more like working pump and not like a regular kitchen noise but she didn’t let me out of the room until she finished and invited me for a dinner. She said we would have a duck… well yes, we really had it. Huge, more than 2 meters long, tightly inflated duck float. Damn, she even drew the icons of garnishes on it! And when she pierced one with the fork I finally realized that her today appetite is certainly not about poultry…

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Lying on tight balloons is relaxing and arousing at the same time. But the balloons always to slip away so I caught them all in a big pink nylon stocking to make a perfect lounge for me to relax in front of a fireplace. The only thing I was unable to foresee is that the excitement would take over and my desire to burst some balloons under me would be so strong… and now the pin in my fingers is already scratching the tight latex under the nylon!

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