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I see you in the club, take you hand and grab to the private room with glowing ultraviolet lights and balloons. I’m going to make you feel tight latex bursting between you and me.

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We’ve already carried out several big test related to this balloon fetish study and my colleagues are doing really good. But there are still some topics that may be difficult for them. So I’m going to do a master class related to dealing with curved balloons. I’m going to tell them how to interact with curvy shapes, how to acquire the balloon neck and play with it and how to get an ultimate pleasure from slow and seductive ripping of latex. Both Ava and Mariette will have two balloons to practice — once with my assistance and once by themselves.

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The silent tranquility of taking a foamy bath at night is pleasant… but I still want to spice it up. A variety of helium filled balloons around me looks so suggestive and welcomes to apply my long red nails right to the tight and fragile latex. The incredible acoustics and the splashes of foam make every burst even more amazing!

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I told Ava to clean her room from balloons an hour ago and I have a feeling that nothing is done there. I found this disobedient girl hiding under the blanket in her pink nylon sleeping bag. And of course balloons are still there! That pisses me off! I should give her a lesson — I will fill stuff her sleeping bag with these balloons and pop them all right on her!

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I’m not sure that this amount is exact…but who really cares? It’s a sea of tight purple loons with islands of bigger colorful balloons. We are swimming in the middle of it, we are riding the latex waves! We are going to drain this see together. Both me and Rita are excited so much, we can’t wait to dig our nails in these balloons and make them burst, burst, BURST!!! Oh yeah, that is going to be epic! The floor will be covered with balloon shreds very-very soon…

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Being excited with balloons means wanting more and more of them! And once you have them in your hands or even under your but you just can’t stop squeezing and bouncing on them… and yes, it always ends with the burst! And bursts make me even more excited… and willing to pop again or watch Leya popping her balloons for me! Sorry our beautiful mylars, we are eager to burst every single balloon today!

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So many tight black and purple balloons around. I desire them all at once, I starve to dip my body and my fingers into their latex. I want to make their necks bounce before they burst.
I’m going to do it slowly and seductively, taking balloons one by one, squeezing them, jumping and them, pressing them under me until they turn into tiny shreds.
Every burst excites me more and more and I can’t stop now. Black 14’’, 17’’, black and purple 24’’, even the huge custom painted GL1200 — I will burst them all with great pleasure.

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Katya has a big lovely bunch of helium balloons. And I have the sharp long nails and I’m eager to apply them on her balloons… no matter how hard she will resist ☺ I know she will like it in the end!

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What is the reason to fight? Why we all not just blow a lot of big colorful balloons and have some kinky fun with them like I do? Every time balloon pops it brings me pure joy and pleasure, I feel overwhelmed with love and going to share it with the entire world!

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I invited Sharon to help me to decorate my room. She doesn’t know that I could be in a mischievous mood and going to threaten her with some loud pops!

Runtime: 7 minutes
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Even though these tanks, helicopters and planes look peaceful the rules of war push me to destroy them right now.

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I guess it’s a kind of test for me. To sit calm and try not to close my eyes and ears while she inflates balloons and squeeze them with her fingers right on my crotch. My heart raced faster and faster with every squeaking sound coming from her hands squishing those poor balloons and every burst was like a small heart attack… and she lust laughed. Well anyway I hope I passed that.

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I’m not a kind of person who can be satisfied with a single balloon. Noi matter how perfect is it — I desire more and more. And I will take what is mine! Round ones, zeppelins, curved and shaped? Make them double — they won’t last long in my greedy embrace!

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Leya looks peaceful laying on a right Doll balloon. That’s not how the things should go. I saddle her so she can’t get away and put a balloon on her back. How she’s squeezed between the balloon she lies on and the one I’m pressing hard to her. Leya doesn’t see but can clearly hear my finger squeezing the latex to burst that loon on her! Boom! One is gone, five more are coming for even more intense squeezing Leya into latex… and yes, her Doll will be my final victim!

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How did you manage to imagine the balloon necks so big? It’s crazy! And I like to be in this dream too lying in a pool filled with these amazing balloons! Hope my long and sharp nails won’t harm them… but oh who I’m trying to fool? I know that you want me to apply my red nails right to this tight latex! So get ready you naughty one, some loud bursts are coming right away!

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This is an amazing compilation of 5 custom videos with Ava and her long sharp deadly nails slowly piercing tight beach balls and ripping them to pieces! Incredible closeups of Ava’s nails scratching vinyl surface harder and harder until it rips… 75 (!) beach balls are going to find their glorious end in this long and seductive video!

@400p: 1.22 Gb, @720p: 2.32 Gb, @1080p: 4.52 Gb, Runtime: 52.5 minutes
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