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Such a beautiful mylar balloons should be in un our arms, not under ceiling! So me and Leya pulled them down to enjoy them more… intimately. So tight, so shiny and colorful! These balloons react to every touch with squeaking and rustling and that excites a lot! Even though both of us have a huge helium bunch now it feels like we just can’t have enough…

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Sharon looks surprised! Seems like she didn’t expect to see so many big mylar balloons in my room! Don’t worry sweetheart, we’re going to fix that. Take a paper knife and help me to get rid of some of these gorgeous loons!

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Are these tanks, helicopters and planes real menace or just a distracting maneuver? Let’s take a closer look!

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Being excited with balloons means wanting more and more of them! And once you have them in your hands or even under your but you just can’t stop squeezing and bouncing on them… and yes, it always ends with the burst! And bursts make me even more excited… and willing to pop again or watch Leya popping her balloons for me! Sorry our beautiful mylars, we are eager to burst every single balloon today!

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Even though these tanks, helicopters and planes look peaceful the rules of war push me to destroy them right now.

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I have two big bunches of helium filled mylar balloons. One is with Kim Possible print — it is going to be spared, even though I will tease you with popping them. And the second bunch is Ladybugs balloons — all of them are going to be popped slowly and seductively with small scissors.

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Welcome to 50s! The sex appeal of the beautiful pin up girl is multiplied with the bunch of big shiny Mylar balloons. Stars, hearts, giant digits — they will float around and rustle between a pair of silk stockings

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There is no need to rush when it comes to popping a big bunch of lovely colorful mylar balloons. They have no chance against my super high spiky heels on my feet or against the sharp blade in my mouth so it won’t be hard to turn these loons to shreds. The only point is pleasure and teasing, pleasure and teasing again.

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Do you hear this delicate rustling of those big shiny Mylar balloons squeezed between sexy legs covered with silk stockings? I’m sure you do. And you may guess what happens when the long nails or sharp heels pierce the tight surface of those lovely loons!

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I see that you got a bunch of helium filled mylar balloons… again. It’s so childish! Why do you love them so much? Seems like you’re attached to them… that’s weird. Don’t you mind me popping some of these balloons? Never mind, I will pop them anyway right in front of you!

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Foil balloon may look fragile but they are able to withstand a lot of abuse! Ava and Leya didn’t know that — it was a surprise for them! Every mylar balloon that they were going to ride and sitpop was quite robust so the girls had to do a lot of furious bouncing to make all those loons pop!

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Ava and Leya have never played with mylar balloons before. So they volunteered to blow a couple of them by mouth! Ava picked a red heart with «I love you» print and Leya picked shiny plain turquoise 40'' one. And it didn’t take them too much time to make those hearts nice and tight! :)

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