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It’s 90s here and want to pop something BIG! Luckily (for me, not for toy lol) I have one of my huge inflatable Balloon Dog nearby. So I will use my high heels and sharp stick to make it flat.

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She came home in a bad mood. Emptied my glass of wine saying nothing and collapsed on a couch. I already knew that it’s better not to ask anything and just do what she says. And her only order was to bring her balloons. I obeyed and gave her a couple of them. First the rubbed those balloons a bit and then she suddenly pressed her spiky heels right into the latex… Omg, that was so scary and loud. I was rooted to the spot and who knows how long could I stay numb if she wouldn’t claim another latex victim for her…

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No one can shine brighter than me. The others are only allowed to humbly bring the balloons for my heels while I admire my outstanding beauty and supremacy over these pathetic pieces of latex that can do nothing against my deadly heels.

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See how soft these toys are? This vinyl was turned to rubber with some special fetish alchemy trick! Now I can squeeze these toys hard, dip myself into them and see how they expand when I jump on these Nemos. And the harder I bounce on them the more imminent their burst becomes! Even the small leak in one of the toys won’t help it to avoid my popping lust — I prepared a couple of sharp heels for it too.

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This tome me and Katya are going to show you how to deflate some big tight beachballs and swimming rings without touching the valves. We will use a couple of wooden sticks, two pairs of sharp heels and our bodies to squeeze the air out. Watch carefully, we will do it nice and slow;)

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High heels are an ultimate weapon against balloons! Tight and fragile latex doesn’t have a chance against them. So me and Rita are not going to rush for now. We have enough balloons to learn now to put a perfect pressure on them and dive our heels as deep into latex as it can let us to do!

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I prepared my favorite glossy black high heel boots as one of the ultimate weapons against inflatables in the Ripping Room. They had never let me down — I know that even the most robust vinyl is nothing against my sharp heels. From the small pink rabbit to the huge black horse — every inflatable is going to be destroyed now, and it’s just a matter of time and pleasure.

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This girl with the skittish pigtails has a good taste for beach balls. Large and tiny, classic and modern, opaque and transparent, with all colors of the rainbow on them and of course tightly inflated. And these eight toys aren’t here for the beach games. I’m going to ride them hard on the floor, lay on them on the couch, squeeze them between my legs on the armchair to make them squeak… and then pierce these poor balls with my heels, stab them with stick again and again until all the air leaks through the holes with loud hissing. Sorry sweety, sometimes my games are too merciless.
This session comes with English subtitles.

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I love snow but I love balloons way more ☺ That’s why my huge snowball is made of balloons! All these Christmas lights around me play on their tight surfaces and welcome me to dip my nails, teeth and heels right into them…

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Warning — these beachballs are not a lifesaving device! Even the 72'' one! Especially when I did so many holes with my sharp heels in them!

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Some visitors leave too many balloons. And when the patient goes home I need to clean up the ward. And dealing with balloons is the best part of it;) When I’m alone I can indulge myself with some slow naughty popping — with my high heels or a sharp syringe needle. Oh yes, it is going to be loud!

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Tight and necky balloons are shining in dim colored lights. They have huge necks, lovely prints and one fate — to taste the spikes on my high heels. Maybe the spikes would be just a teasing… but you imagined these heels as a perfect weapon against latex. Even the largest balloons don’t have a single chance against them, and I love watching the heel slowly diving in their latex surface one moment before the burst.

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Oh that’s pure classics. A room with many Unique 16'' balloons in it…and me! I’m going to turn all these lovely loons to a pile of latex shreds is a slow and sexy way. Hard squeezing, hot riding, naughty heelpopping and even some overinflation with a pump! One of my hottest squeezepops of all time:)

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Even my sharp heels can barely pierce the tight surface of this big Black Swan float. I patch every new hole with the sticker to prolong the pleasure and make as many holes as I can before all five compartments of this toy lose all the air.

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The word of a bride is a law on a hen party! My girls are happy to indulge me and they know what I want right now. My desire is to pop balloons around me and I have a pair of sharp heels for that! Come on girls, bring me the balloons, put them under my heels and don’t let them escape!

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I like when you have naughty dreams. This time you are even more naughty than usual — you imagined me sitting on the top of a really huge beach ball. And the arrow in my hand and the heels on my feet imply that this ball is going to be treated nicely tonight! So all my way down to the floor is going to be made of numerous pokes I will make with my arrow and with my heels. But he ball is so big… it will take a lot of pokes to let all air out! I’d better start right now;)

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