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Do you like ponies? Even if you don’t you will make an exception for my huge pink toy with big belly and round boobs! Of course me and Katya are longing to ride it and ready to hop on! The soft round shapes can make everyone go crazy so these two girls go naughty while bouncing on the top of the toy. We deflate it in the end wrapping ourselves together in this warm and soft vinyl…

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This maid told me she would make my house clean and tidy in no time but still struggling to wash off my lipstick from my inflatable toy. She won’t come here again for sure — if you enter my house you should know how to treat my toys right. I should teach her a lesson this worthless girl will remember.

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I came home and found out that my lovely roommate Mariette had prepared a special Easter surprise for me. She knew about my kinky love for inflatables so she blew up an awesome huge rabbit so we could enjoy some rubbing and bouncing on it… together! Of course I couldn’t resist!

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It’s one of Birthday presents I’ve asked about — to be caged in a huge clear balloon while it is pumped to pop! And before the burst I have enough time to blow some 12'' balloons by mouth so me and my girls could pop them too when I break free!

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Black nylon bodysuit, skittish spandex swimsuit and a custom 18'' crystal purple balloon between them. It is flat now but the slow pump is already on. The pressure inside balloon is growing every second scaring Mariette and amusing me. The loon already bulges at top and bottom… aaaand…

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No one can shine brighter than me. The others are only allowed to humbly bring the balloons for my heels while I admire my outstanding beauty and supremacy over these pathetic pieces of latex that can do nothing against my deadly heels.

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Test 69. General task is to study the influence of controversial physical and behavioral stimuluses on a sexual arousal related to contact with a tight black Cattex GL1200 MAXIMUM PLEASURE.

My assistant Ava and our new trainee are going to be exposed to two types of effects — gentle vibrations coming to their bodies through the balloon and a threat of popping the balloon under them with a knife (without actual popping).

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My hen party is on! Ava and Lilu prepared me an awesome surprise — a couple of huge inflatable dragons! Boy and girl, groom and bride — a perfect decoration for our kinky party! These toys are soo huge and tight that they can easily accommodate us all at once! Hop on ladies, it’s time for a crazy dragon ride!

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We love beachballs regardless to their size! But it’s true — the excitement grows every time when me and Rita finish riding and deflating one beachball and go for a bigger one;) Starting from classic 24'' one as a warmup we go for big 36'' Intex ball. When it’s flat we run to the huge 72'' beachball — Rita manages to climb on it and stay on top till it is fully deflated! And the next one… is ENORMOUS 10ft ball! Omg it’s so huge! We open the valve and squeeze it as hard as we can until we can finally dive into it!

Oh… did I mention that each ball is accompanied with a proper swimming ring? ;)

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The less Leya sees the more she feels with her other senses. The black ribbon on her eyes will turn into surprise everything I’m going to do with her… and with these gorgeous crystal helium balloons tied to her arms and legs. Leya will be able to touch them with me, to feel how tight these balloons are, she will hear my hands rubbing the latex and long sharp hails scratching it. She will know what’s coming but she will have no clue about exact moment when the balloon will burst in my hands. And that’s what will bring her a perfect mix of fear and excitement!

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Being a student of Looner Academy is about being ready for new challenges every moment. Like this time when I called Lilu and told her to stand on the balloon with both feet to pop it. This was new to her but she’s one of my best students so far and always eager to learn more from me. Of course she needed some tutoring but after several demonstrations she did really well!

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This room filled with tight balloons is absolutely breathtaking! A perfect setting for some balloon blowing together! Me and Rita have four balloons prepared — Belbal 14'', Tuftex 17'' and two clear Sempertex 18''. They are just right for blowing them to burst together. Breathe in, breathe out and make these loons pop!

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I have a E cup. Or even F. Or G. H… I… Omg Leya, don’t pump up my boobs too much! I love seeing them huge but they are already enormous!

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Supergirl returns home after her Birthday party and finds an uninvited guest sitting on her bed. It’s Harley Quinn and the purpose of her visit is not clear… Harley’s twisted mind is unpredictable and Supergirl will pay for her carelessness very soon.

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Final Room deserves an epic signature item! And we have it — it’s an enormous inflatable zeppelin that we painted together! It’s beautiful, huge and soft but that’s not all of its features! This zeppelin is filled with not just an air but with the big balloons! So when the valve is opened the inflatable toy turns into a huge sack full of balloons that are great for riding and sitpopping together!

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Me, Ava and Mariette have a huge pink Balloon Dog toy in their bed but it’s flat. So we open the valves and start blowing the toy by mouth! We all are determined to make the toy big and tight without any pumps and, of course, we succeed! Just look how moist this toy looks from inside, you can clearly see it through the transparent vinyl! When the job is done we ride the toy and deflate it.

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