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Not gonna lie — we really love the way our girls blow huge balloons together. Cosette and Stashia turn blowing into kinky and playful action, a sexy magic that goes on and on until the giant balloon explodes on their lips! Just like they did now with one of our prototypes — giant Roomtex Peanut balloon. 40 absolutely mesmerizing minutes full of pleasure and joy!

@480p: 967 Mb, @1080p: 2424 Mb, Runtime: 41 minutes
$24.99 (22.90)

Some challenges are just too insane for one. So it’s the first HyperInflation video with two girls blowing one balloon. And we have a reason for it and it’s called Cattex 72''! The biggest round balloon ever decorated with our signature CELEBRATE LOVE print! Blowing it to pop by mouth is an absolutely ultimate challenge that could be accepted only by two best blowers Mariette and Cosette. More than one hour of blowing and enormous balloon that bursted on Cosette’s lips when Mariette squeezed it a bit! Perfect!

@480p: 1.7 Gb, @1080p: 4.27 Gb, Runtime: 73 minutes
$39.99 (36.65)

Mariette deserves her personal epic Hyperinflation challenge! And she got it — GL900 balloon is so enormous that we can hardly believe that anyone could blow it to burst! But yes, Mariette did it! Nearly one hour of blowing — and finally balloon turns to shreds with a loud boom!

@480p: 1.33 Gb, @1080p: 3.33 Gb, Runtime: 57 minutes
$34.99 (32.07)

Okay now it’s HYPER for sure! An ultimate challenge for great blower Cosette — GIANT Cattex 55'' balloon! We encouraged her with some motivating print on that huge loon:) Don’t know if that worked or not but we witnessed 70 MINUTES of amazingly hot blowing that ends up with amazing explosion! Yes, it’s the biggest HI BTP for now!

@480p: 1.66 Gb, @1080p: 4.16 Gb, Runtime: 71 minutes
$34.99 (32.07)

This girl keeps amazing me! Blowing to burst GL800 was an absolutely hardcore challenge that few girls were ready to accept. HUGE stretchy balloon that requires outstanding stamina, lungpower and determination! And Cosette agreed to take it with ease and obvious excitement! It took nearly an hour (!!!) for her to finish it, and every second of this action is brilliant — it’s a true blowing tantric sex with balloon with a fantastic burst in the end! Definitely one of the best HI clips for now.

@480p: 1.35 Gb, @1080p: 3.38 Gb, Runtime: 58 minutes
$24.99 (22.90)