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There is the only way to neck the balloon — to push it to its limit! This time I choose bouncing because riding big soft balloons is my favorite thing ever and you know it;) Rub them, jump on them, squeeze them with my hips… yeah I will make them bend under me and neck hard! But this time I won’t pop my loons and will let them deflate under me.

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$9.99 (9.20)

This cute toy deserves my love! And I’m going to give it a lot of love right now because this wonderful Unicorn feels so good under me! And I am ready to dive in this toy while the air is coming out if it through the opened valve!

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The pump is on and it is inflating the giant crystal blue tube under me and Ava. The toy is getting tighter with every second and is lifting us up slowly. And when the tube is huge and tight we unplug the pump and let the air out making the tube deflate under us!

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I have three heat stretched toys. One is classic 24'' beachball that is way bigger than usual one but still needs some air. Other toys are overinflated Donut swimming ring and ridiculously fat Dolphin’s fin that looks more like a beachball now. All of them deserve my kinky attention — it is going to be a mixture of riding, spontaneous deflation, blowing and doing it again and again!

@400p: 157 Mb, @720p: 298 Mb, @1080p: 582 Mb, Runtime: 6.5 minutes
$5.99 (5.52)

This awesome Duck is nearly ready for our fun! All we need to do is to blow up the left and right wings and enjoy this awesome soft inflatable that barely fits our space! And then we’re going to open the valves and keep riding this toy till it’s flat!

@400p: 469 Mb, @720p: 893 Mb, @1080p: 1742 Mb, Runtime: 20 minutes
$15.99 (14.73)

Floaties, vinyl panties, pigtails and glasses — and huge beachball! Lilu looks super kinky and she enjoys staying on top of that ball and bouncing on it! After a while she opens the valve and let the ball deflate and pull her down to the floor.

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Two big beachballs and one huge PopArt Rhino are waiting for hugs! Ava and Leya are happy to grant them some — they open the valves and squeeze the air out between their hot bodies!

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$15.99 (14.73)

This pillow is not for sleeping but it’s still very useful in bed;) It’s huge, it’s tight and it is already occupied with two sexy girls in lingerie! They are so focused on each other and on this inflatable… such a mesmerizing image! And letting the air out of their toy for them is just a way to get even closer to each other…

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It’s big, it’s soft, it’s red, it’s made for sexy interaction! That’s why Mariette and Ava are going to enjoy this loon in a gentle way. Some sweet touching, squeezing, bouncing and slow deflation in the end.

@400p: 93 Mb, @720p: 176 Mb, @1080p: 342 Mb, Runtime: 4 minutes
$4.99 (4.60)

Mariette, Ava, 2m long whale, lungpower, determination and joy! Girls inflate the toy by mouth, ride it and then deflate it. Lovely!

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$10.99 (10.12)

The second part of our sexy play with Ava. Now it’s time to squeeze the air out of our toys! We will do it in a slow and sexy way:)

@400p: 293 Mb, @720p: 558 Mb, @1080p: 1087 Mb, Runtime: 12.5 minutes
$10.99 (10.12)

Mariette is eager to climb on a huge balloon! It’s tricky to stay on top but she managed to do it on a 60'' Final Fate loon while Ava was deflating it slowly.

@400p: 47 Mb, @720p: 89 Mb, @1080p: 173 Mb, Runtime: 2 minutes
$2.99 (2.75)

Is it hard to stay on top of a huge beachball? Looking at Mariette will make you feel like it’s very easy! Rita wants to have some fun with this toy too so she opens the valve and makes Mariette fall off this ball so they both could hump in on the bed till it’s flat.
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$7.99 (7.36)

Bigger toy means more fun! Mariette and Rita have a huge 3-meter custom made inflatable shark to ride, hump, hug and squeeze. It’s strong enough to endure even the hardest bouncing of two girls! After enjoying this toy tightly inflated Rita opened the valve and they two keeps on humping and squeezing the toy until it’s flat.

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$9.99 (9.20)

No one can resist the allure of our Balloon Dog! Neither do Mariette and Aomi who had a lot of sexy fun riding and deflating it.

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$7.99 (7.36)

Sharon sits near the mirror and slowly blows up two small beachballs.

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