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The balloons are caged in GL1200 and have no chance to escape! At least I thought so when I was deflating GL1200 with an intention to sitpop all those Uniques 14'' inside it. But GL1200 ripped and let the balloons out! But it didn’t help them — I caught and sitpopped them all! Btw this Extra has a trailer so check it out!

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If you invite me to a punk rock concert you’d better not make me wait in a room full of balloons. Maybe I could harmlessly amuse myself with blowing up one big balloon but it’s just for a while. And if you’re still not ready I will apply my sharp nails and teeth to all those poor balloons that you keep here.

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I’m on my popping spree and still have a lot of balloons to play with! Two huge helium bunches made of 36'', 24'' and 14'' balloons are nothing against my willing to make them burst under me, my heels and my nails! The rest 12'' balloons on the floor will be heelpopped rapidly. The only survivor — GL1200 Room 7 — will be deflated and taken away to my collection as a reminder of this epic action.

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Party up in here! Three girls, dancing, music and a lot of balloons all around! You’d better not even blink because we’re going to bust them all, one by one, small and big, the ones that lay on a floor and the ones that are under the ceiling!

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Ceremony is over, all guests have left the place and we’re alone now in our bedroom. There are so many balloons on our bed that there is literally no place for us two. Let me fix. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. Relax and watch me dealing with these huge transparent balloons. They love me touching them as much as you do. I can be tender or rough, shy or naughty — it’s just a game. But the touch of latex is real and I won’t miss a chance to dive into balloon as it deflates in my hands… leaving a space for us.

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I trapped my playmate Mariette in giant clear balloon! She wants to break free to be with me and I’m going to let her do that… but not now. First I’m going to tease her and kiss her lips through the latex leaving numerous lipstick imprints on a balloon to make Mariette desire me even more! And when I see that my playmate is excited enough I will let her go come out of the balloon…but not entirely;)

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The rules of the vinyl toy deflation exam are simple. The students must deflate the toy faster than me to pass. I go first and deflate the toy so they had the reference time that they should not exceed. Then Celestine and Selenite will do the same together. And if they do well we might deflate the last whale together… just for fun!

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Me and my girls Ava and Lilu deflate two huge inflatable Dragons. First one has double valves so it deflates fast. The second ones have many chambers with regular valves so it will take more time to make it flat. But we don’t mind:)

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Did you know that unicorns are attracted by balloons? And the bigger the balloon the more it attracts the unicorns! That’s why those two cute species are here rubbing and hugging four huge balloons laying around the couch. They prefer to deflate the balloons tenderly to keep them for future games.

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Ava and Leya open a valve under my horse and on each other’s donut swimming rings. Let’s squeeze all the air out!

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Even though Stashia suggested to pop toys, Cosette had a strong intention to deflate them safely. Good for white zeppelin and medium pink ball — they stayed intact and got a lot of touching and squeezing!

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This SPH on the ShoSu Naughty and Noir Beachballs looks so attractive, even for Cosette and Stashia! They have a plan how to use it. First they blow up their beachballs tight. Then Stashia takes StraPop and puts it on Cosette. Now she has a tool to put inside SPH! Cosette can see through the clear vinyl the orange rod going in and out and it feels so good… no wonder that Stashia is eager to try it with her ball too!

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Stashia asked Cosette to make her a massage on GL1200 balloon. Cosette agreed but her vision of this action is a bit naughtier than Stashia expected. She squeezes Stashia into balloon and makes her bounce so hard that balloon is definitely taken to its limit! In the end Cosette unclips the balloon and lets it deflate under surprised yet satisfied Stashia. Yeah, that’s a real Maximum Pleasure!

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Aaaaah big beachballs are amazing! Everything is perfect about them! Well maybe except one thing — they are too big and tight to ride them. But I can fix it — I will open the valve and make the balls softer so I could finally ride them hard while air is coming out!

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This a pure pleasure of soft vinyl. Two meters of tight inflatable Ride Roll between my hips. It holds me so gently and so comfy that I can focus on my senses — how it feels under me, how it touches my skin, how it is squeezed between my fingers…or how it is getting softer when I open the valve. Transparent and frost toys. Two episodes of pure fetish joy.

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Finally I’m home alone and I can enjoy my new beachballs! Couldn’t choose one so I inflated them both. And it’s perfect — I can lie on two at the same time rubbing and squeezing tight vinyl under me and even sticking my fingers into ball love hole with some naughty dreaming… who knew that my bf comes back early and I would have to deflate my balls as quick as possible?!..

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