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You decided to have some kinky balloon alone fun while your girlfriend is at work. But when you’ve just started getting down with balloons she suddenly comes back home. You girlfriend hates your ugly fetish and no surprise that she gets mad busting you… She’s going to teach you a nasty lesson.

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Nothing matters when I lay on a big soft zeppelin balloon in a lacy bodystocking. Only me, touch of latex and nylon and nothing more. And when my girls unclip my balloon it just makes me immerse dipper into the blimp…

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It was the fifth visit to my therapist. My progress was pretty decent; my balloon fear was already quite manageable. She saw it too and decided to do a next step — to make me stay near a big balloon. I thought it would be quite enough for one visit but the therapist went further — she started to squeeze the balloon and ever sit on it in her attempt to prove that not all balloons pop.

Her intentions were good but after getting over my phobic reactions I felt something different… something that made me feel embarrassed. This «something» made me abandon all my manners and peep what was going to happen with balloons when my visit is over… oh my god, she kept on riding those huge loons! She did it so sensual that I was unable to stop staring… but she noticed me and got mad. Oh god I think my next visit will be canceled.

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Come on Rita, we have a job to do! These huge balloons need our naughty attention and I’m not going to make them wait! Open the clips and ride them while the air is coming out! And yes, don’t forget about that giant 72'' Oversized Room balloon too, I want to feel it all over my body!

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My latex shelter is quite pleasant and I don’t mind staying inside. The latex walls are thick but soft and they are all around me providing a perfect mixed feeling of safety and excitement. The more I touch them the more I want to be squeezed with this balloon from outside so I untie it and let the air out while staying inside.

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After losing a fight with Diana Cheetah recovers at her lair. Her body aches and her muscles are stiff. Luckily she has some big balloons to relax on them.

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Huge red cloudbuster balloon is embracing my body. It’s an amazing and exciting feeling and I can’t stop diving into this huge balloon more and more. And when I’m already overwhelmed with its softness I open the clip and let the air out while I’m ripping my tights to feel the latex with my skin even more…

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They look familiar but still unusual… why are these floats so round and… voluminous? They look so overinflated and nearly bursting! Mmm, maybe that’s why they look so attractive to me. I need to hop on them, open the valves and squeeze the air out right now!

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The best thing about big balloons is that you can fully dive into them! I have two round giants — clear Cattex 55'' and crystal red Tilly 60''. Of course I could blow them bigger so they would fill all the space but I prefer to let the air out and enjoy the softness of these latex clouds!

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What is the reason to fight? Why we all not just blow a lot of big colorful balloons and have some kinky fun with them like I do? Every time balloon pops it brings me pure joy and pleasure, I feel overwhelmed with love and going to share it with the entire world!

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It’s time to sleep but we can’t — the strong scent of latex coming from balloons in our bedroom excites us way too much and turns the thinking to the naughty way. The only option is to deflate all these loons while feeding our lust for them.

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We took a break and relax in a chillout zone chatting and drinking champagne. Our lounge looks very amusing — it’s a TTR Naughty Pony in purple, so curvy and bouncy! We can’t resist the allure of humping it, squeezing it’s juicy boobs and even opening the valves to make it flat.

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You’d better not leave me and Mariette alone in a room full of balloons! We know so many ways to pop the loons and eager to try them all! And the best options for soft balloons are stomping, squeezing and sitpopping! Yaaay, let’s start the fun!

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Huge soft crystal colored balloons are my all-time favorites. I could spend all day laying on in, bouncing them and squeezing them tenderly (or not). The bigger the loon the deeper I can squeeze my body into it and that’s exactly what I need them for. This time I’m going to keep all the balloons safe so I would open the valves and slowly let all the air out of them while I keep doing my naughty riding!

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It’s not a regular beachball. This one is made specially for me — I love sitting on them so I need a super soft and squishy one! And of course it should be big enough because I’m only into big toys;) So this awesome rubberized beachball is just perfect for me — big and soft, it embraces me when I lay on it and feels so elastic and bouncy when I ride it hard! I feel it becomes hotter under we with every second… I guess I should let the air out or I would melt this toy with my passion;)

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I ride Qualatex 24'', South America 36'' and GL700, play and slowly deflate them.

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