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The best thing about Anaxo is that she can show me what I really think and dream about even when I don’t have courage to admit that.

It’s a first time I got courage to place an order on for the big balloons and I’ve just received the parcel with them. These loons are gorgeous… my heart starts racings same moment I opened the bag and grabbed the first one. This shape, this color, this smell… oh I wish I could try them right now but I can’t…

But I know who can. She’s in my head, unchained, naughty and ready to serve her (and apparently my) desires.

No wonder that Axano gets down with these balloons as I opened a bag. All I can do is watch… and envy.

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This only about me and Leya. No person is allowed here when two girls are spending some kinky time together! And this huge inflatable Chipmunk doesn’t count as a person for sure. It’s our toy, our lounge, our bed that brings us closer to each other. The curvy shapes of this inflatables are perfect for embracing us and its tightness makes us feel each other’s movements so clearly even when our eyes are closed. And when the valves are opened me and Leya will dive into this vinyl cloud together with a great pleasure!

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I blow cute small inflatable boat with mouth (two chambers). Then I slowly deflate it.

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Since there are a lot of physical activities in our curriculum I included the special meditation sessions to our schedule. Of course they involve balloons too so the students keep exploring the various sides of looner life. Selenite and Celestine attended the balloon meditation session for the first time. Seems like it had a great effect on them… maybe even too great. They still should learn how to stay focused!

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Hope van Dyne is alone in Avenger’s headquarters. Staying idle is quite boring for her so she applies her enlarging abilities to different objects… until it goes too far.

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Leia always wanted to blow up the Death Star by herself. Now she has a chance to do it… but not exactly the way Luke did it.

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Relax. Sit on a big purple Doll. Take a deep breath and start blowing a nice balloon. Blow it tight but don’t pop, just let the air out. Repeat it with the bigger balloon. Ignore unexpected pops. Deflate all balloons around in the end. Feel the harmony.

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I need some extra space for my upcoming fun so both rabbit and chair are going to be deflated in a gentle and a bit skittish manner… as I always do ☺

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Two hot girls on a huge soft balloon? Year that’s what «Maximum Pleasure» really means! We will ride it hard, squeeze it with our hands and bodies so hard… but this balloon is strong enough for it ☺ In the and I will show Katya my lovely red RCR balloon and we will slowly deflate in together.

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Even after my harsh lesson she still intends to finish cleaning my house. I told her to clean my balloons so they will be shiny but this clumsy bitch can’t even hold them tight. So if she can’t do her work she will become my play toy for today. I’m going to have fun making her bounce on my balloons until they are either deflated or popped.

Runtime: 13 minutes
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Of course the big balloons in her bedroom are a ‘must have’ stuff. I tried to object but she just laughed at me. Now she intentionally keeps the huge balloon as close to me as it’s possible. Moreover, she can suddenly jump on it and start humping and squeezing that poor balloon to make me look terrified again… Thanks God it doesn’t end with the burst every time. And I have to admit that watching her body squeezed into a clear latex may distract from the fear of popping…

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I was making up a master’s bed when I saw a weird cable jutting out from under the blanket. I pulled the blanket and saw a bunch of balloons and an electric pump that were carelessly hidden there. That’s amusing… I love someone else’s kinky secrets! But what are they all for? My guts tell me that it’s somehow related to bed fun… maybe if I try one of these balloons I could know that better? Like inflating it tight under me! Oh it’s crazy but… why not? But I need to be careful not to damage master’s balloons!

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When I go up and down on a big SA36 balloon its neck goes back and forth. It feels great for me but what if I apply the bulging neck to Leya’s undies? Yes, that intense rubbing would be able to bring her a very special pleasure! Looks like a new way to get my girl excited with a balloon! I want to fell it too so me and Leya are going to take turns riding and deflating 4 SA36 in that kinky way!

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I fill 4 printed Belbal 12'' and 14'' balloons with helium one by one, play with them, inhale helium, speak with funny voice and deflate the balloons.

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What is the difference between 32’’ and 36’’ Longnecks? One is bigger, another has wider neck. One is clear, another is crystal blue. But both Longnecks are perfect to dip myself into them, squeeze them in my arms and see how their necks bounce when I jump on them. So why should I choose one when I can take both, enjoy and deflate them in the end?

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Do you know that feeling when embracing balloons is just not enough for your loon lust? Oh that shameful feeling that I can’t fight! Dying with shame, I try to put a balloon under my shirt… and one more… and again… Why it feels so good? I need bigger balloons touching my skin! Luckily I have a couple of them in my beside table…

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