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It’s spring in the city so we enjoy the sun on the terrace with a glass of sparkling wine and a cigarette. My bunch of helium balloons is so voluminous that I’m nearly gone with the wind! So we need to reduce it a bit and Mariette’s cigarette is a right tool for it. Of course we won’t be able to stop till all balloons are gone!
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An internal lab record. My assistant Ava has a smoke break and stumble upon trainee Mariette with a bunch of balloons prepared for the tests. Mariette is unaware that I don’t allow to bring the test objects to the smoking room. So Ava decide to destroy all the evidences and to give a Mariette a lesson an the same time…

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It’s so hot that it burns! Literally:) It’s Ava, her cigarette and very naughty intention to pop all inflatable toys she’s wearing! Tight floaties, swimming vest, two tubes… She will burn them all in a very sexy way!

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Smoking Ava looks smoking hot! And her urge to apply her cigarette to something fragile is going to affect Mariette who has three beachballs with her… poor ones!

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Ava takes a smoke break on a balcony accompanied by a bunch of tight balloons. Good for her but really bad for them!

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