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Stephanie has bugged me about trying to play with balloons «our way» since he heard about it from Mariette. Her persistence impressed me so we arranged the special shootings for her (and her friend who appeared to be afraid of balloons so much that she decided not to even try lol).

So here is Stephanie — a gorgeous redhead curvy beauty! She has never seen balloons like we have and was very impressed with their sizes and shapes. And the blow to pop challenge was a true struggle for her — Stephanie has never did it before and she had to learn all balloon blowing tips and tricks right on her way to the burst  And she learned them well — after 5 minutes of blowing she already managed the balloon neck like a pro! The cute crystal blue 25'' balloon had no chances against her determination!

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Our traditional challenge number two is riding some nice balloons to pop. It’s always a pleasure to watch a new girl bouncing the first balloon timidly and yelling when it pops! And Stephanie did it great putting all her body on a tight latex and squeezing it between her hips making the necks bulge till burst! Even falling from the last big balloon didn’t make her stop — she finished all 5 balloons! Well done!

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Ava is impressive. Dreadlocks, tattoes, magnetic grey eyes and misterious smile. She looks confident even thought she was first for our casting and I intentionally haven’t given her any tips or guidelines. I find her fusion of confidence and mistery extremely sexy. And the way she blew to pop the 22'' balloon made me applaud and give her a big hug!

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This is Alison. So lovely and innocent redhead cutie! I admired the way she was focused on balloons she was playing with…like there was no camera and spectators around. She touched the loons, squeezed them, strecthed the neck, smelled them just like she was willing to indulge all her senses with a new toy. No fear of popping, only pure curiosity.

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Ava was extremely confident with balloons during the BTP part of the casting so we offered her 4 big balloons for the sitpopping part — Qualatex 24'', Tuftex 24'', South America 36'' and China 36''. It was a right decision — watching Ava riding large loons is a real pleasure! And she enjoyed it too even though some of those balloons were way too hard to pop with the humping only.

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I offered Alison two balloons for the sitpopping challenge but she timidly whispered «May I have more please?». It was a big surprise for me and I happily gave her 4 big loons — Qualatex 24'', Tuftex 24'', South America 36'' and China 36''. And she humped and sitpopped them so sensually that I wished I had given her at least a dozen!

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