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Reading requires silence. Balloons requires gentle handling. Mariette managed to break both rules at once and has to be punished right now!

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I haven’t intended to reveal my fetish on a first Tinder date. Everything was going good, she was hot, a bit drunk and was already sitting on my bed. Honestly I haven’t expected the things to go that well so didn’t do a cleanup and left a huge bunch of my favorite balloons in my bedroom. Too bad.

Somehow she recognized the Balloons United logo and recalled a TV show about looners… she treated them as freaks for being attached to «rubber bags with air» and being afraid of popping. I could handle that but then she popped one of balloons with a pin and I failed to hide my inherent fear of popping. And she noticed that! She recognized a looner in me, called me a freak…and popped ALL my balloons before leaving me with a pile of latex shreds and devastating frustration.

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Do you know how dangerous love could be? Especially when it’s so insatiable! Every time I touch the balloon I desire to hug it, squeeze it hard so it would please me with a juicy burst right in my arms! No matter how huge this bunch if big balloons looks — even when the last loon bursts in my hands I will still be wanting more!

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It’s hard to keep the discipline when you learn your students to follow their impulses. Sometimes it leads to unpredictable failures. Like this time when I prepared a bunch of helium balloon for nailpopping exam and asked Selenite and Celestine to watch for it for a while. And guess what! They started popping these balloons! I was mad at them and tried to stop it. They did it in so amateurish way… but I must admit that there was a true passion in their behavior. So I gave up and let them finish popping these balloons with the only condition — they would help me to inflate a new bunch tomorrow.

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Ava enjoys the summer sun with a big bunch of tight purple and clear balloons and she is not going to bring them back home! She puts balloons on a blanket and dives her foot in them. The balloon squeaks and bends under her foot… and pops! Ava loves that and keep popping balloons with her feet until the entire bunch turns into a pile of latex shreds!

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Very early and very sexy custom clip of mine. A room full of super tight balloons, me wearing hot black lingerie, high heels and a sharp pin. Many rapid pops with some slower ones as a final course.

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Giant Pillars, Archs and Omniloons make a big kinky balloon bunch for me and Lilu! All these loons are big enough for two girls to ride them together really hard and enjoy every second before the burst!

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