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Ropes, blinds and gag — my mute and Immobilized slave lays on the Doll balloon with a bunch of 25'' balloons tied to her. I can feel her heart racing ever time the balloon starts making squeaky sounds in my hands… and her body trembles under me when the balloon busts. Her muffled moaning means that she want more…

Runtime: 9 minutes
$12.99 (12.05) $8.70 (8.07)

I feel that my little slave still hasn’t went through any real challenge. So I have a special activity for her, a perfect mix of fear, helplessness and excitement. I’m going to inflate several big balloons under her. She is not allowed to down from them until they burst. She will also be blindfolded so she will have no clue how big the balloon is and how high she is lifted… I’m going to do it 6 times with different balloons, from medium to huge. That would definitely spice up my evening!

Runtime: 9 minutes
$12.99 (12.05) $8.70 (8.07)

Mariette lets Ava to blindfold her and to guide her during their kinky balloon game. Ava brings Mariette big balloons, lets her touch them, hug, sit and lay on them… and then she pops the loons with her sharp nails right under Mariette! It makes her scream yet be willing to go on…

@400p: 100 Mb, @720p: 190 Mb, @1080p: 370 Mb, Runtime: 4 minutes
$4.99 (4.63)

Ava is going to spice up her bed games with Mariette so she covers her eyes with latex band, straddle her and starts slowly nailpop tight balloons over her body… one by one.

@400p: 170 Mb, @720p: 323 Mb, @1080p: 628 Mb, Runtime: 7 minutes
$7.99 (7.41)