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Lilu was looking for something in the closet and found our old inflatable that we used to practice with long ago. It was crippled and patched but still carried the sweet memories of the good old times we had with it when I was a student. Somehow Lilu was charmed with it too. I was going to throw this old toy away but Lilu begged for permission to play with them one last time and pop it. I agreed — combining learning and pleasure is our main approach here. And I even helped Lilu to give this inflatable a glorious end!

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If you invite me to a punk rock concert you’d better not make me wait in a room full of balloons. Maybe I could harmlessly amuse myself with blowing up one big balloon but it’s just for a while. And if you’re still not ready I will apply my sharp nails and teeth to all those poor balloons that you keep here.

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