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I love snow but I love balloons way more ☺ That’s why my huge snowball is made of balloons! All these Christmas lights around me play on their tight surfaces and welcome me to dip my nails, teeth and heels right into them…

Runtime: 9.5 minutes
$13.99 (13.10) $9.37 (8.77)

Mariette and Ava take turns in ripping balloon’s necks with their teeth. Sometimes the do it gently and deflate balloon through a tiny hole, sometimes they get too excited and literally rip balloon with their teeth. Anyway all these 15 tight loons are doomed!

@400p: 130 Mb, @720p: 247 Mb, @1080p: 481 Mb, Runtime: 5.5 minutes
$5.99 (5.61)