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We don’t know what a year of 2019 is going to bring you. The outer world is way too unpredictable. But you also belong to a wonderful tiny world of the people who have a passion for balloons and inflatables. I want you to remember that because it makes you very special.

Me and Val spent a month creating a memorable TTR item that would be as special as we wanted it to be. And now we proudly present our creation — TTR 2019 Calendar.

Concept, design, materials, crafting — everything in this item is definitely far from ordinary.

One page is one month and one reason why you’re special for me. Hang this calendar on the wall, flip the pages every month and stay awesome.

Moreover — each page is a part of big 4×3 poster. Just separate the sheets, use a sticky tape to join them and enjoy an inspiring 84×89cm (33''x35'') picture. Hope you have a decent secluded place for it;)

No outsiders were involved in production of this calendar. From the first sketch to the last signature — everything was made by us two only.

TTR calendar is made of several types of premium photo paper and special furniture like textile bands, steel cringles and chains. Each one is fully handcrafted.

We crafted 10 calendars only. Each one comes with my lipstick imprint on the last page.

The calendars are safely packed and will be delivered via registered air mail to you.