Olympic 25'' SQUEEZED! (new)

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13 available

Our first balloon that was designed and printed solely by TTR team!

Balloon — clear Olympic 25'', new Russian loon. Same latex as Olympic 45'', big, strong, with a unique sweet latex scent. It is also quite stretchy — I’d say it can go 30'' with ease. And it can be necked!

The design SQUEEZED! is a collaborative art made by Lilu and Val. No branding, no text — only clear high contrast image of a curvy girl pleasantly pressed into latex! Being printed on clear balloon this art provides a perfect impression of having a sexy partner for looning;)

The art is printed on an inner side of the balloon so the balloon surface stays glossy and touchy without shaggy areas.

It's a second batch of O25 printed balloons so the printing quality is higher now!

We also offer the "SQUEEZED!" print on very soft Unique 24'' crystal balloons so if you prefer softer loons then check them too