TTR Printed balloons

It was supposed to be a normal run of «Celebrate Love» and «Squeezed!» prints but the ink partially cracked after washing and siliconizing. Noted for the future runs not to do that again.

These RX24 and RX30×40 are offered for the same price as plain ones — these are still the first grade balloons, and the prints are readable.

«Celebrate Love» — blue, purple and teal RX24, white ink on the outer surface.

«Squeezed!» — orange and pink RX24 and RX30×40, black ink on the inner surface.

Weight: 20g
+$6.99 shipping , each next: +$0.50

Huge round balloon and the biggest one we ever printed before! White round «Celebrate Love» print looks awesome on this balloon that can easily reach 2 meters in diameter.

We printed only three balloons of this type so it’s a very limited run.

Weight: 100g
+$14.99 shipping , each next: +$5.00

CELEBRATE LOVE is our special print dedicated to Room 33!

That’s exactly what we have been doing for all these years — celebrating our love for balloons! Our tastes and vision may vary but we all are looners and we share our kinky yet sweet latex passion!

Single sided dark blue or pink print on clear Everts 18'' balloons. These durable Malaysian stuffer balloons are made of stretchy latex and can build big fat neck easily!

Designed and printed solely by TTR team.

CELEBRATE LOVE design is also available on several other types of balloons.

Weight: 10g
+$6.99 shipping , each next: +$0.50

It took one year and efforts of five extraordinary people from different countries to make a balloon we are proud of. The design that I would proudly treat as a part of our legacy when we open the last Room.

This project is about nothing but best.

The art is created by famous Japanese artist Banfuumaru. It is based on my long-time dream of having a balloon like that and a reference photo we’ve made for it.

Perfect art requires a perfect canvas. Our big fan from Canada donated his priceless collection of legendary Qualatex 24'' balloons for that.

But all these efforts could be still not enough if our complex art won’t be transferred to balloon properly. That’s why we asked for help the most skilled and recognized master of custom balloon printing — Luka Tourneflot from France. The job was done on a highest level possible providing the incredible quality and clarity.

This extraordinary project was done with love, passion and exceptional craftsmanship of looners from different parts of the world.

We have a very limited stock of these balloons for sale.

Each order comes with a signed postcard with a photo of me that was used as a reference for the Banfuumaru’s art.

Weight: 18g
+$6.99 shipping , each next: +$1.00

Me and Katya spent some time between the shootings signing several great balloons — GL1200 with Maximum Pleasure TTR print. They are new, coming in three colors — clear, black and white. Each one has an autograph and a lipstick imprint from me and Katya De-Milo
Now you will have to choose either to keep it as a souvenir from the first TTR joint shootings or to inflate it tight and ride as hard as we did (but the signatures will be gone) ☺

Weight: 100g
+$7.99 shipping each item
2 available