South America 36'' clear agate (new) PRE-ORDER

Shipping: $6.99 , each next: $1.00

A new batch of the famous SA36 balloons is on it’s way to us!

Now these balloons are CLEAR AGATE — transparent with random colorful splashes and swirls! We’ve never owned these balloons before so we have no illustration for them until they arrive so… either use your imagination and pre-order for lower price or wait for the pictures and regular price;)

Besides the color these SA36s are still as awesome as always — huge, stretchy, strong and soft, with a long fat neck! My #1 ever since I’ve tried them! ^^

COVID-19 UPDATE: due to lockdown in our country all international parcels face significant delays. It's hard to predict now when we will get this batch. The parcel was shipped from Brazil in early March and still not imported here. Please take it into consideration before placing the order.