Roomtex seconds (4pcs/lot)

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Imperfect but worthy!

These balloons have defects that may affect their durability or just don’t look nice (thin spots, uneven coloring, wavy latex etc). Low chance of pinholes — all balloons are checked for them but there might be some weak spots that could turn into pinhole during inflation.

We use them for TTR shootings and 8 of 10 perform just as good as normal balloons. Perfect for the big popping sessions.

These balloons are offered with 75% discount — 4 balloons for the price of 1 in one lot. Even considering a chance of significant defect it’s quite a bargain.

You can choose the balloon type; random colors are shipped. The current stock is approximate.

Please note that we don’t accept any reclamations regarding quality of the second quality balloons so you buy them at your own risk.

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