[Made by TTR] Rubberized Orca (deep intervention)

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This Intex 2-meter black Orca inflatable underwent 2-day chemical rubberization with the non-toxic plasticizer according to the «deep intervention» scheme: removed internal valve flappers, removed handles, all chambers were exposed to the plasticizer including flippers; the body and tail chambers have the small inner connection that provides the pressure balance in case of overinflation.
Rubberization level (R)— 90% (deep rubberization of all chambers, outstanding softness but lower durability)
Print condition (PC) — 60% (print is partially washed of due to the side effects of deep rubberization and leaks of the plastisizer)
Symmetry (S) — 90% (minor symmetry distortion)
Seams condition (SM) — 80% (no leaks, single reinforcement patch on the back flipper — it was treated as a weak place before rubberization. Artificial internal hole between the body and tail chambers to balance the pressure)
48-hour leak check — passed.
Riding test by Oxana — passed ☺ Signed, with lipstick imprint.
Comes in the original box.