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See how soft these toys are? This vinyl was turned to rubber with some special fetish alchemy trick! Now I can squeeze these toys hard, dip myself into them and see how they expand when I jump on these Nemos. And the harder I bounce on them the more imminent their burst becomes! Even the small leak in one of the toys won’t help it to avoid my popping lust — I prepared a couple of sharp heels for it too.

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Me and my girls relax in my bedroom. I found some condoms in my groom’s table and wow they are XXL! Someone is lucky here;) Now I’m going to see how huge these condoms are and inflate one by mouth. It becomes bigger and bigger with every blow trying to slip away from my fingers… but I keep blowing till it burst! Wow that was one huge condom balloon. Could my girls blow it even bigger? Let’s see, they are eager to try!

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This latex is made for pleasure and in these terms we use it perfectly right! XXXL condoms were turned to a bunch of kinky balloons that will serve me and Mariette… but not for long. These condom balloons are so thin and fragile that they pop easily when we squeeze them between our bodies. And it’s good — thinner latex brings more pleasure!

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Oh, we all know how to use the condoms for pleasure;) And how about blowing them to pop to see how big they can get? Watching those elongated clouded up balloons growing bigger and bigger until they burst may cause some tremendous orgasms too!

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Yes, I have a perfect dress for my wedding. But what if the party goes crazy and kinky? I need a backup dress and I have a perfect one for that! It is made of 72'' balloon and it is super tight… until it’s inflated on me! My girls are ready to help me with fitting and trying it!

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I’m a bad swimmer. I want to feel safe on water so I blow up a couple of lovely blue floaties and nice large swimming ring. But it is still not enough! I have some special items that could make me feel confident. It’s a pair of Extra Large armbands and an enormous swimming ring! I will let the pump inflate the ring on me while I blow the armbands with mouth. Yeah now it’s perfect!

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I’m home alone and trying to get some courage to try my new toy — it’s a big rubberized whale! I’ve never had them and I’m afraid that it would pop under me if I pump it too much.

So I give Anaxo control over pumping and do my best to focus on my toy.

And this toy is awesome. Big, soft, squishy! Finally I can leave my fears and just enjoy the inflatable and ride it as hard as I want!

But there’s a bad thing about giving Anaxo a right to inflate the toy under me. She doesn’t know when she should stop… or she just doesn’t want to.

I was so excited with riding the huge tight whale that I let Anaxo pump it too much and it bursted under me! That was scary… and weirdly arousing.

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There is no way for these two double-valved balloons to escape their fate. There are three of us here blowing them at the same time! And even if one is taking a short rest the other girl is keep blowing so the balloons have no choice but expanding till they burst!

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We are in bed but still willing to spice up the boring evening. I know that Mariette is eager for tight latex and intimate contact with it… so I have a special custom-made zeppelin balloon for her. We will blow it under her shirt, watching it growing and becoming so swollen and tight… until it burst!

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This giant Doll balloon is unusual. It has an extra valve for blowing on its «lower belly». Quite a suggestive location! And when Leya is on this balloon and touching this valve with her lips the term «blow job» becomes pretty literal;) But this job is for two — we are going to blow this kinky Doll to its limit, have it nice and tight and make it burst!

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The safety bag in my car has popped up for no reason and somehow isn't deflating! I'm stuck between the seat and this huge white bubble. It was scary at first… but then it became weirdly pleasant.

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They look familiar but still unusual… why are these floats so round and… voluminous? They look so overinflated and nearly bursting! Mmm, maybe that’s why they look so attractive to me. I need to hop on them, open the valves and squeeze the air out right now!

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This toy is supposed to be an anti-stress device. But I know how to make in way more exciting… and bigger!

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Squeeze it! Ride it! Dive into it! Rip it to pieces! Starting from tiny puffers and ending with huge overinflated bubbles! Me and Mariette are going to have tons of kinky fun with these super soft balls and they won’t be able to handle all those wild things we’re going to do with them!

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These Roomtex balloons reminds me watermelons! Huge ones! But instead of being green these ones are clear and purple. I love that! And Leya are curtious about them too. We’re never tried them before and willing to see how good are these loons for some hard and kinky bouncing. Spoiler — they are very good! We will give these loons a hell of a ride together to make them all burst under us!

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Three girls blowing one balloon at the same time? Yes, it’s possible if you have a balloon with three nozzles… and three girls eager to blow it to pop!

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These bubbles are like beachballs — made of PVC but still act like regular loons! Me and Mariette are curious about them so we will pump six these bubbles under us to make them burst and see how they feel in action!

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Who said that balloons belong to air only? Our little mermaid Cosette proves that deep blue water can be a perfect place for kinky balloon games too! It brings us a brand new fetish experience because the balloons behave completely different when they are filled with water.

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I have three heat stretched toys. One is classic 24'' beachball that is way bigger than usual one but still needs some air. Other toys are overinflated Donut swimming ring and ridiculously fat Dolphin’s fin that looks more like a beachball now. All of them deserve my kinky attention — it is going to be a mixture of riding, spontaneous deflation, blowing and doing it again and again!

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Four hands on a balloon and twenty fingers are squeezing it slowly and mercilessly, harder and harder with every second… the burst is imminent but we are going to enjoy the foretaste of it with each of six balloons we’re going to pop!

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I know it’s just early prototypes but I’m so eager to try these Roomtex loons in action! And the best way to do it is blowing them to pop! It will reveal the lovely color and amazing shapes of these balloons… and the final size would be a pleasant surprise either;) Three balloons, three shapes, three bursts!

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«Till the death do us apart» — a perfect title for these two balloons’ life story. They stuck together during the production but instead of being treated as misfits these joined loons appeared to be a great toy for two kinky girls! They with be blown up together, they will expand together… and bust at once!

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Mylar balloons were not the only unusual things that Ava and Leya tried for the first time on Playground 13! These small crystal colored Wubble Bubbles were in their to-do list too. And girls are not going to stop this time — both soft balls will get tight and burst on their lips!

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Pool is no fun without pool toys! And of course we have something special — two Nemos that were brutally heat stretched in sauna! Stephanie’s one is just big and Mariette’s toy is really huge! But no matter how much my girls enjoy their toys — I’m coming with a sharp stick to destroy these inflatables!

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This unusual inflatable suit is made to surround Mariette with a tight vinyl bubble. But it should be inflated first and that’s exactly what Ava is going to do! She will inflate all chambers by mouth to enjoy how bouncy Mariette is when she’s inside that bubble!

@400p: 169 Mb, @720p: 321 Mb, @1080p: 626 Mb, Runtime: 7 minutes

Ava has a rare chance to enjoy a huge rubberized inflatables heart — a toy that takes the best from both worlds of balloons and inflatables! She humps it in a slow and sexy way then opens the valve and continues her fun till the toy is flat.

@400p: 237 Mb, @720p: 450 Mb, @1080p: 876 Mb, Runtime: 10 minutes

This session was meant to be a part of ExoticLoonz Room but we failed to release it in time. Now it’s ready:) Drowning in giant red meterological balloon that is soft as cloud — a perfect feeling!

@400p: 122 Mb, @720p: 232 Mb, @1080p: 452 Mb, Runtime: 5 minutes

The enormous Frankenloon made of crystal blue GL500 and Cattex 36'' has been waiting for its moment of glory for too long. So now I’m going to break my personal record and blow this giant balloon to pop by mouth. It took more than 40 minutes but worth it! Very impressive final size, tremendous burst and epic slow motion replay included.

@400p: 1.08 Gb, @720p: 2.05 Gb, @1080p: 3.99 Gb, Runtime: 46 minutes

If it can be inflated it must be inflated! ☺ Mariette and Rita take two nice soft and long puffer toys and blow them to pop one by one while sitting on a huge zeppelin.

@400p: 188 Mb, @720p: 358 Mb, @1080p: 697 Mb, Runtime: 8 minutes

Sharon had 5 plastic bags left after shooting a custom video with them so we decided to make one more clip – she blows them one by one and pops them with her fingers.
@400p: 119 Mb, @720p: 226 Mb, @1080p: 439 Mb, Runtime: 5 minutes

I can’t resist the pleasure of having fun with my favorite playtoy Mariette — we jumped on a huge crystal blue GL700 and took two extra large condoms to blow them to pop.

@400p: 146 Mb, @720p: 277 Mb, @1080p: 539 Mb, Runtime: 6 minutes