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Day is as good for love as the night is. I waited for this day so long… and finally I can be alone in the bedroom, surrounded with so many big tight balloons! Each one of them wishes to be my only but it’s just not enough for me. And every time I satisfy my attraction to one balloon I turn to the next one, mercifully deflating my previous lover.

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See the green and red balloons around the couch? I’m going to squeeze the necks out of them. Don’t blame me if I do it too hard — I’m too passionate about huge balloon necks. And the biggest ones are just before the burst!

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The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Quite a suitable definitions for TTR.
But when I take big and soft purple balloons, dip my body into shiny latex, make their necks bounce and squeeze my fingers into their tight surface until these loons burst…you won’t have any words but «Please, more!»
7 balloons were popped during this session — Brazil 36’’, China 25’’ and 33’’.

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Early morning on the 27th floor, skittish pantyhose and pigtails and several big balloons. Pure riding and deflating fun without popping… for now.

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There’re two ways to make the toy flat. I like both of them but today I choose non-violent one. And the stick in my hands is only for opening the valves. You will witness a lot of riding and squeezing before the last air will leave my Dog with juicy hissing.

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Play this session and see how to make two tight 1,5-meter beachballs totally flat without opening the valves and how does this sweet lollipop relate to those repeating vinyl piercing sounds.

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My guest room feels empty, so I’m going to inflate a cute pink armchair for my special guest. It is the big blue rabbit that I will blow up by mouth next ☺

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Have you ever imagined of being a balloon under me while I’m doing a ride on you? Maybe you’d like to see how does it look like? I grant you the seat in the front row to this show. Have a look from the inside of the clear GL900 and enjoy!

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The young shepherdess finished her morning duties and finally can spend some pleasant time on a big and tight balloons in her bedroom. Riding, squeezing, rubbing, necking and deflating them under self — the secret naughty pleasures that she likes the most…

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See how soft these toys are? This vinyl was turned to rubber with some special fetish alchemy trick! Now I can squeeze these toys hard, dip myself into them and see how they expand when I jump on these Nemos. And the harder I bounce on them the more imminent their burst becomes! Even the small leak in one of the toys won’t help it to avoid my popping lust — I prepared a couple of sharp heels for it too.

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This tome me and Katya are going to show you how to deflate some big tight beachballs and swimming rings without touching the valves. We will use a couple of wooden sticks, two pairs of sharp heels and our bodies to squeeze the air out. Watch carefully, we will do it nice and slow;)

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You regain consciousness in the dark laying binded, duct-taped and cuffed to the bed. No chance to escape. The silent but terrifying sounds come from nowhere and become louder and louder scaring you. The dim lights catch the person with balloons approaching to you… A flash blinds you for a second and you see a clown girl. In spite of her sex appeal you see the sparkles of insanity in her eyes. She knows about your fear of balloons. She prepared a wicked torture for you. She will make you freak out even without a single balloon popped.

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